Suzy Says

Game of Thrones claimed the most nominations for the second consecutive year with 23, following its first win last year for Outstanding Drama Series.

Here are 23 reasons why I love GOT!

  1. Ned Stark’s bastard son
  2. Arya’s list
  3. Tyrion’s wit
  4. The Hound’s heart
  5. Grey Worm’s explanation for keeping his name
  6. The sheer number of plot lines
  7. Daenerys’ right hand men
  8. The dragons!
  9. The joy you felt when Joffrey was killed
  10. The joy you felt when Ramsay’s dogs decide it was time to eat after being starved for 7 days
  11. The fact that the strongest characters are women
  12. The fact that Tyrion is 8 feet tall in my eyes
  13. The way the opening music makes you feel
  14. The way Brienne looks at Jaime
  15. The way Jaime looks at Brienne
  16. How you felt when Arya Stark tells the Faceless Man who she is and where she comes from
  17. How you felt when Daenerys walked out of the fire
  18. How you feel every time Daenerys climbs on Drogon
  19. How you think you are going to feel if Daenerys and Jon Snow meet
  20. All the direwolves, especially Ghost
  21. The show’s ability to change your initial perception of the characters
  22. Sam’s love for Jon
  23. Did I mention Jon Snow?