A Logo and a Brand? A World of Difference.

As a brand strategist, too often discussions begin something like this: “We’d like you to redo our brand. Could you design a logo as memorable as these?”, they’d ask, pointing to a Nike swoosh. Or an apple. Or the ubiquitous … Continued

Women Owned Advertising Agency

SJI Celebrates Women-Owned Businesses

SJI Associates has been in business for 27 years and counting. While our business has evolved in so many ways, a lot has remained the same, most notably: Bagel Mondays, our office-wide love of dogs, and our status as a … Continued

What’s your type?

The courageous hero. The wise old sage. The rebellious outlaw. From The Iliad to Gone with the Wind to Star Wars, universal character types have lived within our culture since the beginnings of civilization. They are part of our collective … Continued

On Bread and Branding

One might wonder what exactly bread has to do with branding, or design, or advertising. Never mind bread from 100 years ago. But this is no normal bread. This bread is special; it’s sliced bread. The story of sliced bread … Continued

Breaking Brands: IHOP

IHOP’s big “IHOb” reveal hit yesterday, to immediate derision across social media, and potentially worse, some confusion created among its most important audience: the consumer. What did the “b” stand for? Burgers. The speed and wit with which some of … Continued

SJI Associates Hamilton's America on PBS

Bringing Hamilton’s America to Life

We are always very proud to work with PBS, no matter what the project. We completely share their enthusiasm for making the worlds of music, theater, dance and art available to all. This time, though, we were more excited than … Continued