SJI Associates Hamilton's America on PBS

We are always very proud to work with PBS, no matter what the project. We completely share their enthusiasm for making the worlds of music, theater, dance and art available to all. This time, though, we were more excited than ever when SJI was given the opportunity to develop the key art and digital campaign for “Hamilton’s America,” the Great Performances documentary on the show’s inspiring and sensational road to success. Not only have we all been dying to see “Hamilton,” but both the the creator and director of the play went to Wesleyan, the college my daughter just transferred to as a musical theater major!

“Hamilton” became a cultural phenomenon not only because of the story, but the innovative way Miranda tells it. The documentary has something for everyone, from footage of the show, to interviews, to visits to historical sites that bring history alive. “Hamilton’s America” also shows just how timeless the hot-button issues of today’s America are: immigration, states’ rights, debt, income inequality, and race relations. They are the same fights that defined Hamilton’s time, yet they’re central to our current election.

Our campaign aimed to drive viewers to this highly anticipated, behind-the-scenes look at the making of the musical, with an iconic key art image designed to resonate with fans, and showcase Lin-Manuel Miranda. Digital tactics aimed for a younger and more diverse audience, along with fans craving everything “Hamilton.” We developed rich media ads and social media content that generated immediate engagement.

The SJI team was thrilled to be invited to the PBS-hosted New York premiere of “Hamilton’s America,” at the historic United Palace Theater in Washington Heights. It was an exciting event, which included a panel discussion with Lin Manuel Miranda, the director of the documentary Alex Horwitz, “Hamilton” author Ron Chernow, and moderator Gayle King. During the panel after the screening, Miranda praised the enthusiastic audience for being so on board with the film. “It’s both a time capsule and sort of a great exploration of Hamilton’s life. So it’s really fun for me to watch.” And it was so much fun for SJI to be a part of it all.

Check out Hamilton’s America.