This coming July, Chrome will be pushing out an update to all its browsers. According to a recent blog post by Google, Chrome will begin to mark sites as non secure in the address bar if they are loaded over HTTP instead of HTTPS. Currently, Chrome simple has a grey icon next to the domain if the site is loaded over HTTP. If the site is loaded over HTTPS, then it displays a green padlock and the word secure, like the one next to our site.



What this means for you

If you have a website, rest assured, nothing is changing on the backend or leaving it less secure. This change is simply a label change that is shown in the URL. However, customers coming to your website may notice the new label and be discouraged from filling out forms or browsing your site. If your website hosts a store or is used to attract new clients, this change could leave you looking unprofessional and opens the door for lost opportunities.  Fortunately, changing the security of your site is simple enough, and this small distinction can make a huge impact on the level of trust customers have in your site.


How can I make my site secure?

To make your website secure, you’ll need what is called and SSL certificate for your website. The certificate contains information such as your companies name, address, and location. It’s stored where-ever your website is hosted and is used to tell the browser that your site is who you say you are. This certificate also enables encryption on all of data being sent to and from the website, allowing all information to remain secure.

In the past, these used to be an expensive and renewed annually. However, depending on your host provider, SSL certificates may now be free and easy to set up. We normally encourage our clients to host with WPEngine. Aside from their automated backups, they also have a very simple and free certificate program. If you’re on another hosting provider, theres a service called Let’s Encrypt that is free to use as well.



If you have questions or concerns about whether your website needs to be upgraded, feel free to email us!