Oscar Posters Reimagined

This year, we celebrated our love of movies with our version of the Oscars—The SJI Rangers! We let our creativity run wild, reimagining the posters for each of this year’s Best Picture nominees. Over 30 posters were created, but there can be only one winner— and this year we left it up to all of our Facebook friends to weigh in. Throughout the week leading up to the Oscars, we posted all the different ideas we came up with on Facebook, asking followers to “like” their favorites.

Christian Luis pulled out a squeakier of a win with his rendition of The Martian, and took home the ultimate prize—The Golden Ranger!

The entire team had fun with the project, and we hope to continue it as a yearly event. If you’d like to weigh in, just go and like us on Facebook, and be sure not to miss the 2017 edition.