SJI Associates Hamilton's America on PBS

Bringing Hamilton’s America to Life

We are always very proud to work with PBS, no matter what the project. We completely share their enthusiasm for making the worlds of music, theater, dance and art available to all. This time, though, we were more excited than … Continued

Happy Spring…or not?

SJI celebrates the arrival of spring with our latest sji short – but then Mother Nature had something else in mind.

Rescue Ranger

Rescue Ranger

Is your office cluttered with trash and dirty dishes? SJI is launching a new service to help keep your office spotless with our resident Rescue Ranger.

Oscar Posters Reimagined

The 2016 “SJI Oscars”

This year, we celebrated our love of movies with our version of the Oscars—The SJI Rangers! We let our creativity run wild, reimagining the posters for each of this year’s Best Picture nominees. Over 30 posters were created, but there … Continued

SJI Thank You Cards

Thanks for killing time here…

How often do you take the opportunity to thank people? Once a day? Once a month? And how do you do it? With the latest bitmoji, or with a explosive “Thanks dude!” punctuated by a high-five?

SJI Inaugural Game Night

Art and game night at SJI

SJI took a pre-Valentine’s Day team-building break yesterday. Adrienne kicked it off by filling our display board with blank hearts, which we proceeded to fill with fun love notes, all recorded in an awesome stop-motion video.

Falling for Fall

Happy Fall Days from SJI

Fall signifies pumpkin lattes and scarves here in NYC. While we switch off beach mode to school mode, let’s not be all work and no play.