SJI Candy Box

We predict it is gonna be sweet

For a new promotional item from yours truly, we created a candy box for each season that reflected the mood, the color, the look, the feel, and even the taste!

Happy Summer Days

Happy Summer Days from SJI!

It’s summer in NYC where it’s tradition to have drinks on rooftops, watch a movie in a park (check out HBO’s Byrant Park Summer Film Festival), or just take lazy strolls on the Highline to watch the sunset over the … Continued

Holiday Wishes & hugs & kisses

Happy Holidays!

Wondering what to do with that word puzzle wrapping paper? View here!

SJI celebrates 23 Years in March

SJI celebrates 23 years!

Guess who’s 23! Time flies! Click here to see why 23 is our favorite number this year.