SJI is honored to be the subject of a feature article in the most recent issue of Graphis Journal. For over 60 years, Graphis has been spotlighting the work and ideas of top creatives around the globe and setting new standards for our industry. The journal has long been a source of inspiration for those in our field – including most of our design staff, some of whom have been reading it since college.

The 10-page article features a selection of our most impactful key art, including work for National Geographic, Disney+, PBS, and American Experience Films. These pieces illustrate the range and evolution of our design aesthetic while highlighting some of our long-lasting client relationships, of which we’re incredibly proud.

Complementing the work, the article features interviews with our President Suzy Jurist and senior creatives David O’Hanlon and Matt Birdoff, who share their professional philosophies and personal stories about their decades of working together at SJI, sources of inspiration, and thoughts about the future of advertising.

You can find more info on Graphis Journal Issue 372

“We live in an ever-changing world. Though the medium may change, there will always be a need to define brands, tell their stories, and captivate audiences.”
Suzy Jurist, President, SJI Associates

The television landscape has evolved over the past few years, with new streaming platforms and a tidal wave of shows vying for viewers’ attention. SJI Associates has a commendable talent for making content that cuts through. From launching National Geographic on Disney+ to developing a variety of key art and brand design campaigns for both trade and consumer audiences, they bring the highest level of care and consideration to every assignment that comes their way. Their creative sensibilities and collaborative spirit have helped create a working relationship that I value immensely.
Brian Everett VP of Design, National Geographic Partners

After years of working with SJI exclusively, one would think we’d be used to their high quality output. But I’m forever blown away by the creativity, intelligence, thought, and artistry they consistently demonstrate.
Chika Offurum, Director of Audience Development, American Experience Films