SJI Thank You Cards

How often do you take the opportunity to thank people? Once a day? Once a month? And how do you do it? With the latest bitmoji, or with a explosive “Thanks dude!” punctuated by a high-five?

As designers that like designed things, we prefer to use thank-you cards. So we designed some.

…and for not killing the plants.

Our office is dotted with various potted plants and the weekly floral stylings of one of our talented designers. In the concrete ravine that is midtown Manhattan, it’s hard not to be inspired by these small sprouts of life and color.

SJI Thank You Cards Inspiration

As for the phrases, well, so we just called upon a few choice situations in the past that warranted a bit of gratitude.

SJI Thank You Cards

SJI Thank You Cards

Thanks for thanking someone!

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Adrienne Y. Senior Designer