Suzy’s top 10 secrets to bubble blowing.
  1. Gum must be fresh, not found in your jacket pocket from last Spring.
  2. Store gum at room temperature for optimal texture.
  3. Always use 2 pieces. Size matters 🙂
  4. Tie hair in a pony tail (for those with long locks ).
  5. Don’t drink water while chewing – it makes it hard.
  6. The softer the gum, the better the bubble, so chew, chew, CHEW!
  7. Flatten out the piece evenly around your tongue before blowing.
  8. Take a deep breath before starting; slow and steady is key.
  9. Practice, practice, practice. We’re not all overnight sensations!
  10. Never, and I mean never, blow your bubbles near a dog!!

Suzy’s top 10 secrets to bubble blowing

Suzy J. President