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Inspiring kids to ditch the screens. Get up on their feet. And let their imaginations run wild!

That’s the promise Pinna delivers with its new audio app, to parents and teachers everywhere who are concerned over the amount of screen time their children have. With their broad lineup of original podcasts, audio shows, audiobooks, and music, they are delivering exactly what those parents crave: entertainment that delights and entertains while inspiring imaginations and promoting physical activity. As parents ourselves, we were similarly delighted at the opportunity to work with Pinna on their identity launch campaign.



We began by exploring different ways the Pinna brand could be expressed, before landing on a hand-drawn logo that perfectly represented the playful nature of the brand. A complementary tagline was created to clarify the exact nature of the product. From there, brand guidelines indicated how they would be applied across all key consumer touchpoints.


The next challenge involved visualizing the promise of an all-audio product. How do you show what listeners are thinking and feeling? How do you show imaginations at work? We drew upon Pinna’s new identity, expanding the concept of playful hand drawings. By integrating them with lifestyle photography, we could illustrate the adventures each listener was taking part in. The concept was applied to social channels and a digital-first campaign, driving audiences to sign up for the service.



Pinna launched early this year on desktop, in the Apple App store, and on Google Play, featuring a vast library of engaging content, with much more to come. Check them out at, especially if you’d love your kids to get up, get out, and get away from their screens.

The SJI team knocks it out of the park each and every time. I've had the pleasure of working with them on a number of branding initiatives and they are strategic, inventive, collaborative and fantastic at delivering branding and creative that tells just the right story and ignites connectivity with consumers.
They know just how to push the boundaries of imagination and innovation. And, they are an absolute pleasure to work with.
Maggie McGuire CEO, Pinna