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We created a new anniversary logo mark, and an interactive exhibition to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the New York Landmarks Conservancy, expanding on the brand identity we previously established.

Communicate half a century of the Conservancy’s varied and vital preservation work in an engaging, public-facing exhibition that spoke to both everyday New Yorkers and outside donors.

To inspire interest and interaction, we made sure the exhibition was forward-looking and accessible, exciting audiences and donors about the next 50 years of the Conservancy’s work.


We built a digital platform for the Conservancy’s 50 at 50 Exhibition, showcasing 50 of their most iconic preservation projects around the City, a timeline of the Conservancy and NYC’s entwined history, and information about their free and accessible live events.



To begin, we designed a new logo for the 50 at 50 Exhibition—which was an extension of the existing logo we created and inspired by historic New York City architecture—and a microsite featuring an interactive virtual gallery showcasing the exhibit’s 50 distinctive sites.

In order to highlight all 50 sites in a digestible and engaging way, we created a dynamic digital gallery that visitors could explore for themselves. Clicking through to each site, visitors could see historic and contemporary photos side-by-side, along with key information and how the Conservancy helped to preserve the site through restoration, loans, grants, and advocacy.



We also created an interactive timeline of the Conservancy’s 50-year history, giving visitors a sense of what New York City was like when the organization was founded, and how the Conservancy has worked to preserve the City we love in all its authenticity, grit, and beauty. Thomas Mellins and Donald Albrecht were the talented team charged with curating the experience.

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We knew we needed SJI’s vision and skill to highlight 50 projects for our 50th anniversary. They turned what might have been a nice, but pedestrian, exhibition into something visually interesting and informative—and the project has gotten a great response. We love working with the SJI team.
Peg Breen PRESIDENT, The New York Landmarks Conservancy