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An Academy Award® nominee for Best Documentary Feature, Fire of Love is a lyrical celebration of the lives and work of trailblazing volcanologists Katia and Maurice Krafft. Breathtaking footage taken from the Krafft’s spectacular archive illuminates the love they share for each other, and the natural world in an engaging coffee table book mailer.

Craft a limited edition companion piece to share with critics and press that serves to reinforce the film’s poignant impact and accolades.

The Kraffts’ own words thread a narrative that brings powerful imagery to life through their unique philosophical lens, mirroring the experience the documentary delivers in sound and footage.

Fire of Love’s most powerful imagery is fiery and arresting. The book shell brings that dynamic drama to the forefront, using color and texture to invoke lava flowing against volcanic rock. The enclosed book with carefully curated full-page imagery creates delightful juxtapositions, and situates the Kraffts as they lived—as natural forms belonging to their volcanic landscapes.

The matte coated box plays against super glossy UV coated lava imagery on the box interior and book cover, and a foil stamped title pops off the matte black field. Opening the cover reveals reflective foil board title spread—conjuring the space-age protective gear worn by Katia and Maurice Krafft—and a contrasting matte red title stamp.

Compiled from motion footage and the Kraffts’ photo archive, the images in the Fire of Love book were selected and combined to invoke the couples’ unique point of view as scientists and human beings experiencing nature in extreme and inspiring conditions. The books are limited edition and hand-numbered, honoring the Kraffts’ legacy, energy, and outlook.


In addition to the coffee table book, we created a Fire of Love coloring book. This unique item was used as a giveaway at select book stores across the country to spark awareness of the documentary. The coloring book features hand-drawn versions of images found in the coffee table book, accompanied by large quotes from the Kraffts, all of which can be colored in. It offers a novel and engaging way to interact with the source material, styled with a vintage flair to match the era of the Kraffts’ volcanic exploration.