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As part our continuing efforts to promote global warming education and action, SJI created the identity, advertising and collateral for Momentum for Change, a United Nations Climate Change Secretariat initiative.


Due to government and industry inaction, activists were concerned that our climate challenges were insurmountable.

Although coordinated national and global actions had largely been stymied, there were a multitude of individual success stories that could be promoted and expanded upon.

We brought these local initiatives to the forefront, pointing to them as evidence that progress was being made, people and communities worldwide were being helped by ongoing efforts, and those involved were making a real, perceptible difference.

Event Collateral


The new brand identity, campaign and collateral system was launched at the UNCC’s conference in Warsaw, Poland, where attendees were greeted from the airport to the event halls with a consistent, uplifting message of progress. Today that message resonates louder than ever, with polls showing increasing support for climate action, and more and more actions being taken by both governments and industry worldwide.