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SJI created the key art and launch kit for the new HBO Max animated special, Furry Friends Forever: Elmo Gets a Puppy.

For decades, Elmo has been one of the most popular children’s characters across all media – so much so that he’s become the star of a number of live-action and animated shows. With the planned launch of the new animated Elmo Furry Friends Forever special, our challenge was to promote and differentiate it from already existing shows.

What makes Furry Friends Forever special is both the introduction of a new character – Elmo’s dog Tango – and how it models petcare for children: age-appropriate tasks and situations such as bathtime, playtime, and meeting unfamiliar dogs.

Key Art

We created key art for the launch special, Elmo Gets a Puppy, that did more than just bring Elmo and Tango to the fore – it also showed their affectionate relationship for each another. Artwork was created to work in multiple sizes across a range of tactics.


A new Launch Guide was developed as a brand bible for the special, elaborating on the brand and goals of the property. The Guide is home to a host of artwork assets – everything from logo and character art to locations and icons.

Furry Friends Forever: Elmo Gets a Puppy premieres this month on HBO Max, just as SJI is continuing work on the upcoming Elmo and Tango series, Furry Friends Forever: Elmo and Tango Mysterious Mysteries.

The team at SJI was amazing in the development of this project. They were able to create new assets for us that aligned perfectly with the themes and content of our new show. Their solutions always encompassed a full understanding of our brand and the quality of their work was always spectacular. We always look forward to projects where we can bring in SJI’s expertise.

Vanessa Germosen Senior Design Director