Branding | Launch Kit

SJI designed the promotional launch kit for Mecha Builders, a new Sesame Street spinoff.

We were tasked with creating informative, engaging graphics to promote Sesame Workshop’s new 3D CGI animated series Mecha Builders. The designs needed to provide a sturdy foundation for the Mecha Builders promotional launch kit, while being versatile enough to be easily modified.

With an emphasis on STEM and critical thinking skills, Mecha Builders is geared toward older preschoolers while still appealing to Sesame Street fans of all ages. As such, the launch kit calls for unique, dynamic graphics that still remain grounded in the Sesame Street universe.

We expanded upon the dynamic design elements already at play in Mecha Builders—from textures and graphics to motion and lighting—along with the character transformation sequences featured in the series to capture the action-packed feeling of the show.

Launch Kit graphic elements

The visual vocabulary we used was eye-catching, fun, and iconic enough to provide a strong groundwork for the Mecha Builders launch kit as it was expanded upon by Sesame Workshop.