Key Art | Digital | Tagline

For this year’s Earth Day, we created the key art and platform assets for a pair of National Geographic Earth Day premieres. The shows shine a light on all the wonders of nature our planet has to offer – and reinforce our need to protect and preserve it.

The Biggest Little Farm – The Return

For The Biggest Little Farm – The Return, we were challenged to inspire viewers with the uplifting story of how a small plot of land became one of the most biologically diverse farms in California – all through a simple approach of letting nature take the lead.

Our key art, featuring a farmland portrait of the land’s two proprietors flanked by some of the show’s most popular animal personalities, created an engaging and inviting image. For the platform art, we carried out that theme, showcasing the connection between the farmers, their land, and the animals living on it with them. And finally, all of this was tied together through the show’s tagline, “Nature Knows Best.”


Explorer: The Last Tepui

Capturing the danger and adventure that go hand-in-hand with exploring the Amazon jungle – one of our world’s last undisturbed natural habitats – was one of our main goals in creating the key artwork for Explorer: The Last Tepui. 

We were excited to feature the fearless, famed climber, Alex Honnold, recognizable to his fans from the Academy Award-winning film Free Solo

The striking image of Honnold climbing an impossible route high up in the clouds was perfectly iconic and eye-catching, conveying adrenaline-filled excitement and majestic imagery. Alongside the key art, we developed the tagline “Climb Into the Unknown,” highlighting the unique mystery of the Tepui. For platform artwork, we created a diverse group of images showcasing the show’s stars: Alex, the Amazon, and all its rich wildlife. 



These two shows continue Nat Geo’s tradition of celebrating the world around us
– and highlighting the importance of preserving it for the future.