Spirit Animals: The Legend Lives In You


SJI summoned their inner creative spirits to develop the brand identity for Spirit Animals, a multi-platform tween fantasy series from Scholastic. Featuring four heroes with the ability to summon legendary spirit animals, the new property combined online and mobile games with a book series into one seamless adventure.

Beginning with the logo and tag line, we created a branded look that carried through all iterations and tactics, building the foundation for a striking and memorable brand presence.

Spirit Animals: Website

The website allows young readers to take part in the journey, customizing their own avatar, choosing their spirit animal, and going on quests against dark powers. Additional gameplay is unlocked with codes from each book in the series.

Spirit Animals Book Cover

Book cover designs featured gold embossed title treatments and elaborate spines with intricately branded border treatments, ensuring that they pop off the shelves in a crowded retail environment.


To introduce the new property, a video was created to run in theatres and online, utilizing customized 3D models built especially for the series. Since its launch in 2014, Spirit Animals has become a best-selling fan favorite, with nine books now published, and more on the way.