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SJI created the key art and platform assets for the Disney+ series Behind the Attraction.

For the new Disney+ series Behind the Attraction, we were challenged with creating engaging key art that communicated the broad range of rides and attractions featured in the show.

No one ride or attraction would be able to represent the wide-ranging series, or appeal to its entire potential audience.

Key Art


Inspired by legendary Disney artists Mary Blair and Bjorn Aronson, we illustrated the key art using shapes and colors reminiscent of their work and the early days of Disneyland. This allowed us to feature multiple attractions and properties in a streamlined, cohesive way that would appeal to all audiences, while holding special meaning to dedicated Disney fans.

We were excited to include Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in the Jungle Cruise illustration as an Easter egg ahead of his starring role in the 2021 premiere of Jungle Cruise.

Platform Art

We then created dozens of unique artwork assets for the Disney+ UI, including desktop and mobile artwork for brand landing pages, tile art, and more, exploring different facets of this unique behind-the-scenes look into the classic rides we’ve grown up loving, and the new ones that thrill our imaginations.

SJI was an amazing partner to us on the campaign for Behind the Attraction from concept through final execution. With multiple episodes covering multiple iconic attractions, this was not an easy show to capture in one static image, and it took many rounds of ideation and brainstorming to land on an image that informed the audience about the show and the premise, while adding some surprise-and-delight design inspiration for Disney fans. Suzy and team SJI not only creatively nailed it, they were fantastic collaborators and incredibly detail-oriented to get every last pixel perfect.
Andy Baker VP Creative Marketing, Disney +