Naming | Identity

How to keep artists engaged with fans and stay connected during a time when going to live music shows is impossible? Through immersive online concerts that allow fans to socialize and interact with the artists as they perform, taking the experience to a whole new level beyond the passive livestream. SJI partnered with Wave XR to name and create the visual identity for One Wave, a new series rolling out throughout the summer from Wave XR.


Wave’s platform mixes livestreaming with virtual reality avatars to create immersive online concerts in real time. John Legend and Tinashe are the latest to sign on to the shows, the proceeds of which will go directly to nonprofit organizations that need support during the current global COVID-19 pandemic.

We hope we have some positive role to play in not only helping the music industry to recover some of this lost revenue, but, more importantly, also giving people an outlet to connect when they’re feeling increasingly isolated.
Adam Arrigo founder and CEO of Wave XR