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Discovery’s popular, adventure-driven reality shows have made it a favorite among viewers of all ages. The brand extension into cruises, destinations and location-based experiences was a perfect fit; but without leaning on specific shows or ownable characters, how could we position Discovery Destinations in the minds of consumers?

The strategy rested on taking the DNA of Discovery—adventure, adrenaline, nature, science, and curiosity—and re-envisioning it from a consumer-centric, first person point of view. By enabling the audience to feel like they can become part of the exciting, globe-spanning experiences they love, we created a compelling brand that brings the promise of Discovery to life.


A new logo and graphic system combines natural textures with worn vintage type and graphic elements to feel personal, tactile, and real. We drew inspiration from vintage travel, postcards and stamps, all reimagined in an adventurous palette both modern and global.





Composite Art
Discovery DestinationDiscovery Destination
Discovery DestinationDiscovery Destination

First-person photography and up-close, detailed visuals put the audience right in the middle of the action, running trails, paddling through white waters, and viewing stunning vistas. More than just pretty pictures, the experience is always reinforced, first and foremost.

To bring mementos of their adventures and vacations to life, we imagined a full range of product and souvenir concepts. These celebrate the same spirit of exploration, adventure, and fun that is woven throughout all the thinking behind the brand.

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Discovery Destinations will encompass an ever-expanding catalog of offerings, as it aspires to be a must-visit vacation brand.