Welcome Kit | Packaging

We created a “Happy First Day” package for new Marcum employees as part of the company onboarding program.

How do you welcome new talent that you’ve worked so hard to attract? Today’s transforming workplace poses new challenges for companies in recruiting and keeping talent. Employees expect more in terms of flexibility and an overall sense of fulfillment.

Research shows that companies with effective onboarding programs end up with higher employee engagement, better retention, and higher productivity.

We created a unique Marcum “Happy First Day” kit that was valuable and engaging from day one. Its dynamic design expanded Marcum’s graphic identity, making it stand out and invite attention. Inside, new hires found items that would be immediately useful: premium branded pens, water bottles, t-shirts, and umbrellas, as well as a welcome letter from Marcum executives.

The kit’s excellent reception has led to its continued use and subsequent reprinting.

I would highly recommend SJI. The boxes were very well received and served as a nice, warm welcome to our firm. Every company should be presenting these kits to new hires!
Saran Johnson Co-Chief Human Resources Officer