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Celebrating America’s natural wonders

National Geographic’s America the Beautiful series explores the story of America’s beautiful, raw, and untamed heartland—a place that wildlife ranging from bison to bald eagles call home. We meticulously crafted a diverse range of platform materials and launched a vibrant digital and out-of-home campaign, capturing the essence of the varied wildlife and scenic vistas that define this nation.

How could we represent America’s varied wildlife and vast landscapes in a bold, engaging way? That was the challenge presented to us by Nat Geo for their America the Beautiful series.

To successfully convey the nature of the show across varied media, we knew we had to reinterpret and extend the existing key art in a way that would give it depth and adaptability.

By combining images of sweeping vistas with engaging animal photography, we were able to create a series of strikingly iconic key art that beautifully conveyed the nature of the show. From larger-than-life animated Times Square digital billboards to the smallest streaming platform canvases, the silhouetted wildlife montages were designed to stand out across every size and execution.


Individual posters were created featuring the show’s wide range of wildlife, along with the remarkable natural environments they call home.

The campaign ran across multiple OOH locations, including Times Square, for which we won the Promax award for Out of Home takeover, as well as 300+ Link NYC Kiosks.

America The Beautiful Kiosks

An extensive digital campaign included homepage takeovers of The New York Times and The Weather Channel as well as placements on sites including Apple News, Hulu, ABC, CNN, Roku, Spotify, Vizio, and YouTube.

Finally, 60+ platform art assets were created for use on Disney+ and their partners, driving a global audience to discover the natural wonders that make America beautiful.

America The Beautiful Lockup