Growing Up

Featured Key Art

True stories of self-discovery

Created by Brie Larson and Culture House, Growing Up is an innovative Disney+ Original docu-series exploring adolescents’ challenges, triumphs, and complexities through ten compelling coming-of-age stories. In order to convey the breadth of experiences lived by the series’ subjects, we needed to create key art that was both evocative and elastic. The resulting campaign of emotional, engaging images successfully drove viewers to discover the series.

To convey the compelling nature of this groundbreaking hybrid docu-series exploring the challenges, triumphs, and complexities of adolescence, we needed to create equally compelling artwork.

It was essential to represent the wide range of lived experiences explored within the series, and the diverse paths of self-discovery and acceptance that young people face.

We showcased individuals with unique stories and backgrounds, creating multiple entry points for our audience. Brilliant, multi-hued color overlays and effects brought the imagery together while expressing the vibrant lives of the show’s young subjects.


We developed two main pieces of key art, one with a graphic silhouette, evocative of the series’ themes, and a second showcasing several of the cast. They formed the foundation of a wide-ranging digital campaign of dozens of sizes and tactics, which was extended through a series of individual character posters.

“SJI was an amazing partner to us on the campaign for Growing Up from concept through final execution. They were able to capture a hero key art image that felt uplifting, as well as singles of all the individuals highlighting their inspirational stories. SJI are amazing partners who I value and trust.” JANICE WISMAR DIRECTOR DESIGN, DISNEY BRANDED TELEVISION
Growing Up Disney+ Landing Art

A full suite of artwork was created for Disney+ as well as additional partners. The full spectrum of platform art served as a window into the series, showcasing each subject and their unique stories. The alternating images provided multiple avenues of visual interest, further enticing subscribers to stream the series.