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Hitting the bullseye with Jeremy Renner and D+

Jeremy Renner may be best known as a superhero in the Marvel universe, but in the new series Rennervations on Disney+, he sets out to do good in our universe, too—channeling his passion for creating custom-built vehicles to improve communities around the world. SJI created key art for Rennervations, which required us to find a compelling and entertaining way to relate the series’ very specific concept with all of its moving parts.

Generate awareness and interest for the new 4-part Rennervations series, which spotlights Jeremy Renner’s two passions: giving back to communities and refab-ing custom-built vehicles.

In the world of Disney+, where Rennervations will be streaming, Jeremy Renner is best known for his role as Marvel’s Hawkeye. The question was: how do we incorporate Renner’s best-known character into the campaign for a series that exists in a whole other universe?

Leverage the Hawkeye persona and iconography to catch viewers’ attention, but in a way specific to the show at hand. We designed our own homages to the bullseye—a symbol associated with Hawkeye—from elements of the show, namely tools, auto parts, and the like.

“SJI Associates create a stunning static visual that feels elevated and speaks to the totality of the series. The art has a cinematic touch with a bold image of Jeremy that can live alongside Marvel titles and feel just as important. They’ve been a pleasure to work with every step of the way, and continue to build and elevate our content on the app.” JANICE WISMAR DIRECT MARKETING DESIGN, DISNEY BRANDED TELEVISION

In the early phases of the project, we sketched dozens of ideas and concepts for the Rennervations key art. After narrowing it down, a photoshoot was set up, during which we shot several concepts for further development.

Disney singled out the bullseye concept, which we then developed into a flexible piece of artwork for use everywhere, from in-platform to out-on-the-street.

Jeremy Renner attending the 2023 premiere
Jeremy Renner attending the 2023 premiere