National Geographic
Secrets of the Elephants

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Unveiling the Hidden Mysteries of Elephants

Elephants embody a profound combination of awe-inspiring size, extraordinary intelligence, intricate family bonds, and a vital role in maintaining the heartbeat of their ecosystems; all of which are explored in National Geographic’s Secrets of the Elephants. We crafted the key art, platform visuals, and digital and out-of-home advertising campaign for this compelling installment in Nat Geo’s Secrets of series, building upon our prior collaboration on Secrets of the Whales. Our creative helped generate enthusiasm and attract audiences to delve into elephant communities’ intricate world, rich culture, and profound emotions.

Building on the success of our work for the first chapter of this award-winning franchise, Secrets of the Whales, we were tasked with creating sophisticated art that captured the elegant essence of the series’ elephant subjects. It was also important for the art we created for Secrets of the Elephants to be an organic, cohesive progression of the franchise.

Secrets of the Elephants captures elephants’ nuanced emotional lives and communal culture, highlighting their similarities to us. To emphasize this commonality, we decided to showcase their wise, loving nature with simple, intimate portraits of elephants in the wild.

As in our art for Secrets of the Whales, we put Nat Geo’s animal subjects front and center, opting for close-up images and a natural treatment for this installment of the Secrets of franchise. This approach allowed the elephant subjects’ presence and poise to speak for themselves.

Leveraging the iconic Nat Geo brand, we used striking images of elephants in their natural habitats all around the world to create key art and an array of platform artwork

We integrated the series into potential audiences’ daily lives through a branded in-app Weather Channel experience. Incorporating iconic Nat Geo branding and striking frames from the series, the imagery of this activation shifted based on the user’s current weather conditions.

We set Nat Geo’s elephants loose in New York, bringing them to life with an animated supersign billboard in Times Square featuring the key art we designed alongside the trailer. This activation brought Times Square visitors face-to-face with the impressive stars of the series.