Children’s National Hospital
Research & Innovation Campus

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Building discoveries to save children’s lives

When Children’s National was given the ability to build a new, one-of-a-kind children’s healthcare research hub at the former Walter Reed Army Medical Center, they needed to energize their supporters to help achieve this lofty goal. We helped them by developing a new, branded design system that was adapted to collateral, signage, and promotional events.

What strategies could we use to connect with potential supporters personally, and gain their support for this ambitious project? And how could we turn the construction site from an eyesore into a positive brand experience?

We needed to do more than talk about the science and research that would take place at the Research & Innovation Campus; we needed to bring emotion to the campaign and connect potential donors to the end benefits the campus would provide.

We focused on the children whose lives would benefit most from the research hub, combining bright, engaging photography and designs with hopeful, positive messaging. By developing a signage system to be used around the construction site, we could further help build support for the endeavor, while visually enhancing the area during the years-long construction.

Putting the focus on the children who would benefit from the new research hub, we crafted a series of headlines that connected pediatric health with the science that would take place at the new facility.

A vibrant and positive design system was created, featuring hopeful images of children blended with scientific imagery. We developed a colorful arc system to unite the different elements, and represent overlapping areas of research.

The combined elements were used across the construction site itself, in the form of signage enveloping the Campus’s future home.

For the Campus’s groundbreaking ceremony, we created eVites to send to all the project’s supporters and designed signage for the event itself.

We are proud to have taken part in the successful funding of the state-of-the-art healthcare facility, which has since helped advance research and pediatric care, helping countless children worldwide.

In addition to helping fund the Research & Innovation Campus, we partnered with Children’s National to brand their fleet of ambulances. To better appeal to the children transported in them, our new designs incorporated uplifting, bright graphics featuring the brand’s iconic teddy bear logo. We handled the project from concept to design to installation, working hand-in-hand with production vendors in developing and rolling out the initiative.