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The unique, beloved architectural heritage of New York City endures through a legacy of dedicated preservation initiatives led by The New York Landmarks Conservancy. SJI rebranded the organization, positioning it as a front-line defender of that heritage into the future of our ever-evolving city. We looked into the heart of the Conservancy’s values to guide its voice, and to the tones and details of our neighborhoods to inspire its visual identity. A new website was designed, presenting its compelling mission and focused initiatives while calling allies to action in defending the rich character of New York City.

The Conservancy—a large organization with multiple initiatives—needed to update its brand. Who are they? What do they do, and why is their mission so critical? Developing a well-defined brand strategy was crucial to establishing a connection with a broader audience, enhancing engagement, and fostering continuous support from diverse stakeholders. The creation of a new messaging architecture was necessary to guide communication priorities toward property owners, public officials, and ordinary residents of New York City.

We conducted extensive research revealing a very special, deeply felt connection to New York City, its architectural beauty, and the unique character of its neighborhoods—a feeling shared throughout the Conservancy and its different audiences.

We put that emotional connection at the forefront of the organization’s brand positioning, beginning with a new tagline that drew on the emotions all New Yorkers feel for their city. We then designed a timeless, elegant logo nodding directly to the city’s fantastic architecture while conveying trust and purpose.


“The SJI team took the time to understand our mission and programs and articulate them in exciting new ways. When they came on board, we had wasted two years trying to fashion a new website in-house. But we lacked the time and expertise. SJI developed a dramatic new website for us and took all our comments and ‘oops we forgot this…’ in stride. They are wonderful partners.” Peg Breen President, The New York Landmarks Conservancy

Visual and editorial guidelines were created to ensure consistency in all communications, from annual reports and social media to newsletters and signage. The new brand voice was carried through to a new messaging architecture, delineating how to speak to each of The Conservancy’s audiences individually across a host of different communications tactics.

We are the knowledgeable, go-to experts in preservation.

We give New Yorkers a voice in protecting and preserving the city they love.

We work together with communities, city, state, and local governments, and building owners and developers.

We have a proven track record in protecting our architectural history, using donations and resources efficiently and successfully.

We are pro-preservation, not anti-development, helping to create a better future for New York and its people.
NYLC Logo Designed by SJI on a Handbag

The visual identity mines the landscape of New York City, setting a tone for brand elements that reflect the character of the city, and creating a design palette for an organization dedicated to its preservation.

NYLC Business Cards Designed by SJI