Sesame Workshop
Mecha Builders


Preparing a new animated series for lift off

For over fifty years, Sesame Street has ignited the hearts of generations with the timeless gifts of learning, laughter, and the magic of friendship. When it came to launch their new spin-off, Mecha Builders, we were brought in to help introduce the property to distribution partners. The launch kit we created showcased a wide range of artwork reimagining Sesame Street favorites such as Elmo, Cookie Monster, and Abby Cadabby as problem-solving robots with STEM superpowers.

We were tasked with creating informative, engaging graphics to promote Sesame Workshop’s new 3D CGI animated series Mecha Builders. The designs needed to provide a sturdy foundation for the show’s promotional launch kit, while being versatile enough to be easily modified.

With an emphasis on STEM and critical thinking skills, Mecha Builders is geared toward older preschoolers while still appealing to Sesame Street fans of all ages. As such, the launch kit calls for unique, dynamic graphics that still remain grounded in the Sesame Street universe.

We expanded upon the dynamic design elements already at play in the artwork—from textures and graphics to motion and lighting—along with the character transformation sequences featured in the series to capture the action-packed feeling of the show.

The core slides of the launch kit communicated the look and feel of the series in a dynamic, colorful, and easily digestible way.

We expanded on our design elements with each main character’s color palette in mind, so that our assets reflected the look of the overall series and were also flexible enough to work in character-specific contexts.

“Our Brand Design Team has engaged Suzy and the SJI Team on multiple large-scale and long-term projects, developing art and design for new IP. SJI continually delivered high quality creative on a demanding timeline again and again. We have been and will continue to be repeat clients.” Robert Zangrillo Senior Design Director, Brand Creative, Sesame Workshop
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