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The smart campaign.

With increasing concern for internet privacy, and the phasing out of cookies used to identify your computer as you use different networks, the adtech community needed new ways of connecting brands with their audiences. Yieldmo, a leading programmatic advertising marketplace, had just such a solution: a real-time curation system that used privacy-compliant contextual data and machine learning that worked with or without audience data. When it came time to roll out messaging defining the Yieldmo brand, they asked us to help with a campaign to position them as leaders in “cookieless” advertising.

When digital ad exchange Yieldmo asked us to create its first ad campaign, we knew the creative needed to grab attention while quickly promoting its sometimes complex adtech services.

Instead of explaining the entirety of Yieldmo’s services, the technologies that powered them, and the benefits they offered, we opted for a lighter, more entertaining, and more concise solution.

We positioned Yieldmo as The Smart Exchange, immediately elevating them over their competitors with a claim substantiated by thier unique, proprietary technology.

We created the new tagline, The Smart Exchange, planting a flag in the ground and positioning Yieldmo based upon thier key strengths, while acting as the foundation for not just the campaign, but the company messaging as a whole.

Ads paired fun, snappy headlines with clean, emoji-infused typography to grab attention and draw the audience in. The concept allowed us wide latitude to convey a range of benefits and ideas without getting weighed down by overly technical jargon or cliched technology images while also being easily adaptable to animations.

Based on the campaign’s success, we were brought in to create a new branded look for Yieldmo. Our creative solution illustrated how Yieldmo’s technology translates incoming audience information into ad performance through AI and contextual data. We provided a design and graphics palette for key pages, then worked with their internal developers to roll out the fully redesigned website.

In conjunction with the new website rollout, we created a campaign to help launch Yieldmo to potential European partners. For this audience, which was mostly unaware of the company, and for which privacy was less of a concern due to existing EU privacy regulations, we crafted a general campaign promoting Yieldmo’s solutions and offerings. The campaign ran across paid and owned media and set the stage for Yieldmo’s branded look and feel for future campaigns.

“The team at SJI are fantastic collaborators and operate as an extension of our team. They were uniquely able to take our company’s value propositions and turn them into a compelling ad campaign that has delivered outstanding results. I recommend them highly for their strategic thinking and dedication to going the extra mile in everything they produce.” MARI KIM NOVAK CHIEF MARKETING OFFICER, YIELDMO