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The Conservancy—a large organization with multiple initiatives—needed to update their brand. Who are they? What do they do, and why is their mission important? The organization needed a connection to help make them more relevant and more relatable to many different audiences.

We conducted extensive research that revealed a very special, deeply felt connection to New York City, its architectural beauty and its unique neighborhoods and character—a feeling that was common throughout the Conservancy, and among all their audiences.

We put that emotional connection at the forefront of the Conservancy’s brand positioning, beginning with a new tagline. We then designed a new logo that is timeless and elegant, while nodding directly to New York’s amazing architecture.

logo development

The overall position was woven throughout the Conservancy’s messaging, from their mission and values to their donor communications.

Visual and editorial guidelines were created to ensure consistency in all communications, from annual reports and social media posts to newsletters and signage.

Our largest undertaking was the new website—a vibrant portal communicating who they are, the vital work they do and why it’s important to the millions here and around the world who love New York.

Brand Guidelines

Website Development

The New York Landmarks Conservancy rebrand was launched in early 2020, and has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from all stakeholders. Their mission and their work is more clearly and convincingly presented, which has resulted in an increase in engagement.

SJI is very proud of our work on behalf of The New York Landmarks Conservancy and we look forward to helping them grow into the future!

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The SJI team took the time to understand our mission and programs and articulate them in exciting new ways. When they came on board, we had wasted two years trying to fashion a new website in-house. But we lacked the time and expertise. SJI developed a dramatic new website for us and took all our comments and “oops we forgot this…” in stride. They are wonderful partners.
Peg Breen President of The New York Landmarks Conservancy